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Danny Bergan Memorial Foundation 

The MonSTaR committee would like to acknowledge the continued contribution of the Danny Bergan Memorial Foundation Team towards the success of the MonSTaR Foundation.

Daniel Bergan lost his father Danny to MND in 2007 and that loss inspired him, along with his best mate Stuart Jamieson to set about raising funds to fight MND.  After hosting their own golf day for two years, the DBM team discovered MonSTaR and reached out to see if they could for a partnership.

Together they joined forces to really fight MND whilst assisting the STaR Foundation at the same time. That partnership has been in place ever since.

The energy that these two men who have now established a team due to their days continuing growth is nothing short of inspiring. They have worked hard to contribute in excess of $380,000 to MonSTaR Foundation the Foundation in the past 5 years.

Their team set about this year to commit to raising $100,000 this year alone and from their two events they have achieved this milestone and more by raising over $110,000.

What started as a heartfelt promise to a loved one is now a powerful fundraising force in his memory.

The Danny Bergan Memorial Foundation Team run two days on their fundraising calendar, a ‘Night at the Trots’ in July and a Golf Day in January. They present a cheque each year at the MonSTaR Cup for 100% of all proceeds for their events.

The team aim to build on these events and even add another in the future years!

Together we can make a difference!

If you would like to find out more about the Danny Bergan Memorial Foundation, please visit their website contact Daniel or Stuart directly on

Daniel Bergan
0423 844 055

Stuart Jamieson
0416 151 577

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