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A boutique commercial printing company operating in the Hills District for over 25 years, Emerald Press offer quality product, competitive price and friendly & efficient service. We like to build lasting business relationships based on trust and mutual benefit. We’d like to be your mates in the printing industry.

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What is your special offer?

FREE PRINT AUDIT – ARE YOU CURRENTLY PAYING TOO MUCH FOR YOUR PRINT WORK? DOES YOUR PRINTER GIVE YOU VALUE FOR MONEY? ARE YOU ACTUALLY GETTING WHAT YOU PAY FOR? An easy way to find out is to have Emerald Press carry out a print audit at your business. Our experienced staff will sit down with you and review your printed products and prices, looking specifically for areas to reduce costs, improve quality and/or value for money. Rarely do we leave a print audit without having saved the client at least 10% on their printing costs. It will take up very little of your time, probably save you money, and will give you invaluable peace of mind.

How does the MonSTaR community redeem this offer?

Contact Emerald Press’ Sales Manager Frank Ewing and let him know you are a supporter of the MonSTaR Foundation.

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Phone 02 9846 6100 or email

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